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(847) 477-9093

If initiating product awareness and driving sales is your goal, we can help you accomplish that in no time with our Amazon Brokers.

The Amazon Rep

Do you want to effectively sell your product on Amazon? They largest retailer in the world? Amazon whose sales in 2018 were over $200 Billion, is where most consumers go to buy everything!

6 Ideas is a full service manufacture’s rep agency selling to Amazon. We offer a few different programs to work with Amazon. You can keep control of your Amazon site or we have partners that will purchase your product and sell on Amazon. In both cases our people will set you up for success offering account creation, ad copy, videos, help with keywords, back links, etc. We’ll make sure that your listings are optimized for search (keywords, titles, bullets, descriptions, etc.)

We offer many types of marketing opportunities to ensure your product is seen. Amazon is like building a website. If you don’t market it, it is hard to find customers to buy your products.
We’ll provide monthly analytics for all Pay Per Click ad campaigns and promotions. Additional reporting will be provided depending on the program you choose.

We’ll work with you to identify your Amazon goals and objectives and develop strategies for platform, pricing and marketing.

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